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Promo Box Club: How It All Began

The Promo Box was created by Janice Tippett, President and CEO of Millennium Marketing Solutions. After watching companies struggle to find the right promotional products to meet their needs, Janice was inspired to create an innovative subscription service. With the goal of providing new and exciting promotional items for current and potential clients, Janice created the Promo Box Club.
“I don’t like when people refer to promo products as tchotchkes, trinkets, or trash. They are powerful marketing tools that have a lasting impact when used correctly,” said Janice. Armed with years of design and marketing experience, Janice began working on an innovative concept that would provide the latest and greatest promotional products directly into the hands of people who need them – marketers, promo product buyers, event and tradeshow planners, salespeople, and many more.
The Promo Box Club is designed to meet a variety of needs with a simple concept: Companies and marketers who join the Club will receive a carefully chosen selection of samples every other month. With access to a huge network of preferred factories, Janice and the Promo Box team work constantly to find the newest and most inventive promotional products. Promo Box items will showcase new ideas and trends in the promo world, along with Tried-and-True Done New selections, which are traditional items reimagined with a new twist. Janice’s goal is for Club members to be the first to see the latest products, putting them ahead of the game with their customers and clients.
Interested in learning more about the Promo Box Club? Read How it Works and check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.