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Featured Product: Hot Rod Vent Stick

Life can be hectic and your customers are busy. That’s what our Hot Rod Vent Stick is a great giveaway to keep your company at the front of their mind when they’re on the go!
These little giveaways are handy, lightweight, and inexpensive, making them perfect for trade shows and events when you need a portable product that will leave a lasting impression. Each Hot Rod Vent Stick slides gently into a car air vent and releases a pleasant scent to neutralize odors. With lasting fragrance and highly visible design, the Hot Rod Vent Stick will be right in front of your customers whenever they’re driving. Your logo will truly stand out with brilliant full-color graphics under a glazed dome.  Each vent stick is packaged in a clear tube with an instructional label that can also be customized.

Choose from a variety of colors/scents:

  • New Car (blue)
  • Fresh Linen (aqua)
  • Citrus Blossom (orange)
  • Summer Breeze (light blue)
  • Cucumber Melon (green)
  • Juicy Cherry (red)
  • Coconut Smoothie (translucent white)
  • Creamy Vanilla (solid white)

With a low price point and portable size, you can’t go wrong with this clever item! To learn more about this product and receive a custom price quote, please contact Millennium Marketing Solutions.