Frequently Asked Questions

Who should join the Promo Box Club?

The Promo Box Club is great for a variety of marketing professionals! Promotional product buyers, marketers, tradeshow and meeting planners, sales teams and many others will all find excellent inspiration from our subscription service. If you purchase promotional items for tradeshows, employee appreciation, corporate events, holiday gifts, or anything else – join today!

What are the benefits of the Promo Box Club?

With your Promo Box Club membership, you will receive a box filled with exciting promotional products and marketing ideas each month. If you choose to provide feedback on the items, we will thank you with promotional codes and discounts on future orders of the items sampled in your box. You will also have the benefit of fantastic customer service from our team should you ever have an issue or decide to place an order.

What kind of discounts will I earn for future purchases?

After you have completed your feedback survey, we will provide you with a minimum 12% discount off of the promo products sampled if you order within 60 days. That can add up to a huge savings and even cover the cost of your subscription!

What will I receive in my Promo Box?

Every other month, you will receive a Promo Box filled with four to six samples of the latest and greatest promo products at a various price points from a variety of vendors. Don’t worry, we won’t send you a box full of pens, pencils, and magnets! Our goal is to provide you with fresh new ideas that range from inexpensive giveaways to executive gifts. Each month we will also highlight a Tried-and-True Done New item , which will be an already popular item that has been reimagined in some way. Visit our blog for more information about products and their uses.

Where do the items come from?

The samples in your Promo Box will be sourced from our large network of preferred vendors. These vendors are on the cutting edge of the promotional industry and offer a wide variety of exciting products.

Can I choose what samples I receive?

At this time, the Promo Box items are the same for every subscriber. Because our goal is to provide you with new ideas, we are sending items that might differ from your normal selections. However, we would love to hear more about your company and the products you need, so that in the future we may customize the subscription to your needs and industry. Please fill out our customer survey to let us know more about you!

What if I don’t know how to use one of my samples?

Inside of each Promo Box, we will include a summary of the contents along with suggested ways to use the items for your marketing. We will also provide additional suggestions and ideas on our blog and social media profiles, so make sure to follow them for additional information, case studies, and success stories.

Are there hidden fees?

Nope! Your subscription cost is all that you will pay for your Promo Box Club membership. The subscription fee simply covers the cost of shipping your subscription. All samples are provided to you at no cost for your own use. Enjoy!

Am I obligated to place an order?

There is no obligation to buy whatsoever. The goal of the Promo Box Club is to provide you with new ideas to help you succeed in your marketing objectives. However, should you choose to order an item from us, you will receive a special Promo Club discount, along with superior customer service. Your purchases will also start counting towards a VIP membership which includes free Promo Box Club membership!

Where can I order these products?

The products provided in your Promo Box come from a variety of preferred vendors. You can order these items through Millennium Marketing Solutions, and our promo team will be glad to assist you. You can also choose to order from your current promo provider.

Do I have to order these products from Millennium Marketing Solutions?

No, you can choose to order from your preferred marketing company or promo sales team. But remember, as a current Promo Box Club member, you can earn discounts when ordering through Millennium, and also work your way towards our special VIP membership!

What are my payment options?

At this time, we are accepting membership sign-ups via credit card. If you are a current client or need to arrange an alternative payment option, please email us at

What is the cost of a subscription?

Subscriptions are currently paid up front on either a six-month or 12-month basis. Six-month subscriptions are just $129.99. Sign up for a year-long subscription and pay just $159.99, a discount of $30! If you provide feedback on the items you receive, you will be rewarded with discounts and the subscription will practically pay for itself. If you’re a current client of Millennium Marketing Solutions, you might already qualify for our VIP membership which includes a free Promo Box subscription.

When can I expect my shipment?

Boxes will be shipped every other month. You can expect to receive your Promo Box at the beginning of each month in January, March, May, July, September, and November.

I have more questions, can I talk to a real person?

Sure! You can email us at, or call Aaron at 301.725.8000.