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Don’t Make the Same Marketing Mistakes Our Clients Have

The Agency Management Institute (AMI), in which Millennium Marketing Solutions is a part, worked with various advertising agencies throughout the US to write, “Secrets of Ad Agency Owners: The Biggest Marketing Mistake I’ve Ever Seen.”

In this book, you will learn from decades of experience as different marketers answered the question “what’s the worst marketing mistake that someone can make?” The agency owners from across the nation have guided their clients through just about everything and this book is a testimony to just that.
Drew McLellan, Owner of AMI, created this book with the help of agencies like Millennium to showcase to businesses and owners how to avoid mistakes that could cost in the future. Each agency that Mr. McLellan reached out to contributed a chapter to answer that very question and offer advice so future businesses/clients wouldn’t make the same mistake.
You’ll love the variety of stories and lessons within this paperback, as the agencies covered a wide range of initiatives. The one thing you will find in common with each of the chapters is that each piece of advice has come from years of experience.
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