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Spread Holiday Cheer with These Top Gifts!

Nearly half of all companies reported that 100% of the gifts they gave out during the 2015 holiday season bore their company’s logo. Seasonal promotional products are guaranteed to leave a long-lasting impression!
The joyous holiday season brings snow, bright lights, carefully wrapped gifts, and the opportunity to dazzle your customers with festive promotional products! While fall is in full swing, now’s the time to start thinking about the holidays. As a business, it can be difficult to come up with great simple holiday gifts for employees or clients to really show your appreciation.
That’s why our promotional product experts have outlined the top 3 holiday items for this season! Continue reading > “Spread Holiday Cheer with These Top Gifts!”

Out of the Box Ideas in a Box

Are you always looking for new promotional products? Are you tired of sifting through catalogs? That’s why Millennium brought the Promo Box Club to the industry. Members of the club receive samples of the latest and greatest promotional products right at their door. Our team of promotional product professionals works with factories to bring you samples of the best promotional products to hit the scene. Continue reading > “Out of the Box Ideas in a Box”

Feel Secure with the C-SLIDE Webcom Cover 1.0

It’s important to secure your information, but how can you be so sure that you’re completely blocking hackers from invading your privacy? Although webcams allow you to connect with friends and family, they also pose serious risks of people hacking into them and spying on you, as creepy as that may sound. While the Promo Box team works with various IT companies, we understand the significance of cybersecurity and how easily information can be gathered and manipulated.
Ideal for IT companies, banks, and those who want to feel extra secure, C-SLIDE Webcam Cover 1.0, our new IT promotional product, fully covers webcams on the majority of computers, laptops, monitors, and even smart TVs. While it’s really garnering popularity in the tech industry, we have recently sold a large amount for several of our tech clients. Continue reading > “Feel Secure with the C-SLIDE Webcom Cover 1.0”