Spread Holiday Cheer with These Top Gifts!

Nearly half of all companies reported that 100% of the gifts they gave out during the 2015 holiday season bore their company’s logo. Seasonal promotional products are guaranteed to leave a long-lasting impression!

The joyous holiday season brings snow, bright lights, carefully wrapped gifts, and the opportunity to dazzle your customers with festive promotional products! While fall is in full swing, now’s the time to start thinking about the holidays. As a business, it can be difficult to come up with great simple holiday gifts for employees or clients to really show your appreciation.

That’s why our promotional product experts have outlined the top 3 holiday items for this season!

Empire™ Thermos & Ghirardelli® Deluxe Gift Set

empireThis Empire™ Thermos & Ghirardelli® Deluxe Gift Set comes with five packets of  delicious Ghirardelli® Premium Hot Cocoa Mix and five mouthwatering squares of  Ghirardelli® Chocolate.

It also includes a beautifully brushed stainless steel thermos with richly-textured leather, top and bottom stitched accents, and leak-proof cap, perfect for the cold holiday season. It keeps drinks hot or cold for hours.

Present your employees or customers with this thoughtful treat this holiday, and know that 50% of adults buy chocolate for holidays, making it one of the most popular items.

Seneca Bluetooth Wooden Speaker

speakerThis Seneca Bluetooth Speaker is made from real Mahogany wood, producing a sound that is as natural as the wood its made from.

It features a 3 Watt audio channel for premium sound and includes a micro usb to usb charging cable with a 3.5mm auxiliary cord. Bluetooth working range is 10 meters (33 feet).

Show your appreciation for your employees or customers with a trending tech item that’s sure to impress this holiday season!

Moleskine® Writer’s Gift Set

writerThis brand new Moleskine® Writer’s Gift Set allows you to pair your favorite color Large Classic Notebook with a black Hard Cover Ruled Pocket Notebook for a gift set that is stylish and convenient.

Wow your employees or customers this ideal office item, presenting them with a great way to stay organized while they’re on the go.

During the holiday season, while people are ringing in the new year, give them something that will help them stay productive year-round!

While our holiday-themed Promo Box just went out last month full of holiday products, such as a beanie, mug, and 2017 calendar among many more, join our Promo Box Club today and you’ll receive the best of best promotional products right at your door every other month!

You can always visit our online store for inspiration on how to creatively and effectively promote your brand!

Remember to snag your holiday gifts early before they sell out and in order to avoid the hassle of rush shipping! Contact us today and we’ll help you find the latest and greatest holiday gifts that will really impress!

Out of the Box Ideas in a Box

Are you always looking for new promotional products? Are you tired of sifting through catalogs? That’s why Millennium brought the Promo Box Club to the industry. Members of the club receive samples of the latest and greatest promotional products right at their door. Our team of promotional product professionals work with factories to bring you samples of the best promotional products to hit the scene.

Promo Box Club

While it may seem too early to be thinking about fall since summer hasn’t come to a close just yet, getting prepared ahead of time is always important. Some fall promotional products include office supplies, apparel, and cool and useful electronics, such as a power-free speaker for smartphones.

How does Promo Box Club work? Visit our registration page to create your customer profile and pick your subscription plan. Check to see if you qualify to be a VIP member, where you can receive a free Promo Box Club subscription, along with access to exclusive additional discounts!

In time for tailgates, trade shows, and various events, get your hands on some of the most popular promotional products to hit the scene!

Promoting your company through fun and unique products allows you to reach out to consumers in such a way that will leave a long-lasting effect. Promotional products have proven to be an effective choice for building brand recognition during marketing campaigns. According to Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), after receiving a promotional product, 85% of consumers do business with the company. Additionally, promotional products draw as many as 500% more referrals from satisfied customers than an appeal letter alone.

Of course, the longer a promotional product is kept, the more impressions it makes on the recipient, which is precisely why Millennium offers durable and useful promotional products in every promo box. While promotional products can be used for a multitude of purposes, they are guaranteed to help you build brand awareness and increase sales for your company.

Not a member of our Promo Box Club? What are you waiting for?! Join the club and sign up here to receive four to six samples of trending promotional products to show off. So before the summer ends, stock up on promotional products for the fall. You can also visit our office and check out our award-winning showroom, full thousands of the latest and more unique promotional products!

Promo Box Club Showroom

Your Summer Survival Kit

Imagine your clients are hitting the beach to soak up the subeachbagn. What’s a beach day without the essentials, such as your sunscreen, sunglasses, a towel, and a good book? The Promo Box team know the marketing tactics to help you stay connected with your customers and keep your business growing.

Sunscreen is undeniably of one the most significant beach items in order to stay safe in the sun. While your sunscreen functions as a protective shield against harsh rays, it’s much like your website, as that is a strong foundation of your company. Our experts know how to create a responsive and visually-appealing website that drives business. No matter if you’re looking to create a brand new site or redesign your existing one, our content marketers are dedicated to providing you with clear and concise content that will reel in new customers. When creating your site, our SEO professionals know exactly what it takes to increase your website’s visibility on major search engines.

Sunglasses, often considered one of the most stylish items in your beach bag, represent your company’s design. Our award winning web and graphic design services are guaranteed to make your company stand out against competitors. While keeping up with current trends and employing the most creative and innovative designs, your sunglasses will be the talk of the town with our help! Encompassing your logo, print, promotional, trade show, and web designs, our team is always ready to help your company shine.

Beach towels shouldn’t be forgotten when you’re heading to the beach. These can be stylish with various designs or just your favorite color. Either way, they provide a comfy towel for you to relax on or dry you off after swimming in the ocean. Think of your towel, no matter how big, as a promotional piece. Display your towel and its use while you’re having fun at the beach. Our expert promo team know how to promote your company with various useful products, apparel, and custom imprinted gifts. While we’ll work with you and your budget, our promo products will show off your company in handy and creative ways.

A good read is a must with your toes in the sand. Whether it’s a novel, magazine, or newspaper, the content and design of it should really draw you in. That’s why Millennium’s 360° view approach is ideal, as we offer a wide variety of printing services from digital to offset printing. Whatever you take to the beach to read, it’s usually a genre that you enjoy and can easily delve into. Here at Millennium and Promo Box Club, we create customized marketing pieces designed to truly represent your company and its unique products and services. We take time to create custom images and content that are specific to each of our clients and what they have to offer.

So, this summer, don’t let your company fall by the wayside! Remember your summer survival kit full of items and techniques that will consistently show off your company and its many assets. Contact our team of marketing professionals at info@mm4solutions.com or 301.725.8000 and we’ll help your company shine brighter than ever!

Feel Secure with the C-SLIDE Webcom Cover 1.0

It’s important to secure your information, but how can you be so sure that you’re completely blocking hackers from invading your privacy? Although webcams allow you to connect with friends and family, they also pose serious risks of people hacking into them and spying on you, as creepy as that may sound. While the Promo Box team works with various IT companies, we understand the significance of cyber security and how easily information can be gathered and manipulated.

Ideal for IT companies, banks, and those who want to feel extra secure, C-SLIDE Webcam Cover 1.0, our new IT promotional product, fully covers webcams on the majority of computers, laptops, monitors, and even smart TVs. While it’s really garnering popularity in the tech industry, we have recently sold a large amount for several of our tech clients.

0001 (2)


When you’re not using your webcam, simply slide the cover over the lens to protect your privacy from vicious hackers. This webcam cover is easy to install, as all you have to do is remove the double tape tabs, position the base over the camera lens, then press firmly in place. Once installed, users can simply slide to the left to close and to the right to open.

Many people just place a piece of paper or colored tape over their webcam lens, but that can easily tear and fall off. The C-SLIDE Webcam Cover 1.0 remains secured over your lens, assuring your privacy is protected without a worry. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t let someone snatch your information and it be too late! Call our Promo Team at 301.725.8000 today to get more information!

If You Missed Out on Our Lunch and Learn, Here’s a Recap!

On Wednesday, November 4, the Promo Box team was filled with Holiday cheer as clients saw the latest promotional items and learned valuable decorating techniques at our Holiday Lunch and Learn. Four of the leading promotional product lines, Leed’s, Bulletline, TriMark Apparel, and JournalBooks, were showcased by our vendors Jeff Pickens and Scott Stokes.

Millennium Lunch and Learn: Fall 2015

The day started with Jeff Pickens highlighting new drinkware items that can keep drinks cold for up to 48 hours or hot for up to 12 hours, as well as new and improved power banks that can charge anything from a single phone or two devices at once. Jeff ended his segment of the session demonstrating the newest toy that is perfect for a unique holiday gift- a drone!

Millennium Lunch and Learn: Fall 2015

After Jeff was finished, Scott Stokes rolled in his rack of apparel, which showcased new thermals, hats, fleeces, and jackets, which are all perfect for the cold weather season. With each item, Scott showed the multiple decorating options that TriMark can provide. Anything from the standard screen print and embroidery to laser etch, heat transfers, or decals.

This Holiday Lunch and Learn was a great success and allowed our clients the perfect opportunity to have some face to face time with industry experts,tour our one of a kind showroom, and ask specific questions about their upcoming Holiday needs.

If you are interested in learning more about Millennium’s promotional product services please contact us at info@mm4solutions.com and mark your calendar for the next Lunch & Learn at Millennium at the end of January!